How to Diagnose Problems with Your Freezer

Freezers are one of those appliances that we have a “set it and forget it” mentality about. It’s pretty rare a freezer has issues, but, when it does, panic starts to set in, as fridges and freezers are not cheap items to replace. Here’s a list of common freezer issues and how to tackle them:

1. My freezer won’t get cold enough

The evaporator coils may be frozen over. Empty out the fridge and the freezer, shut it off, and leave the doors open for 24 hours. Lay out towels around everything as all that ice is going to melt all over the floor. If that solves the problem, it was the evaporator coils.

2. My freezer is making weird noises

Make sure your fridge / freezer is level and either adjust the legs or use a shim to level it. If you open the door and hear a squeaking sound, it could be the evaporator fan. If the sound is coming from the bottom or behind the unit, it could be the compressor fan or condenser fan.  Try cleaning the blades as a lot of dust and buildup can create these types of noises. If you hear a clicking or buzzing sound, it’s probably the compressor. Consult a professional in these cases. Such as appliance repair houston for a replacement.

3. My freezer seems to be running all the time'Next time, eat your chili outside!'

The most obvious answer is to turn down the dial. It’s very rare a freezer needs to be on the highest setting but it should be at around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, check the door and make sure it’s closing properly and sealed.